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Download and Decompress WFilter Free

Download the program and decompress it with WinZip, double click the exe file to launch the installation.
Figure 1.1.jpg
You will be asked to initial a password for the system.

Launching WFilter Free

You can launch WFilter by clicking the WFilter Free shortcut on desktop, or run it from "Start" -> "Programs" -> "WFilter Free" -> "WFilter Free". Or you can access the web UI from url "".
The default user is "admin", admin password is configured during installation.
Figure 2.1.jpg

For first time using WFilter Free, you're recommended to follow the "Configuration Wizard" to do basic settings. Then you can click "Real-time Bandwidth" to check the monitored computers, as in the below figure:
Figure 2.2.jpg

To monitor all computers in your network, the WFilter computer must be deployed at a single location in the network where it can monitor all internet traffic.

If no computer appears in "online computers", this is usually because incorrect monitoring adapter settings, please check Monitoring Device Settings.

If WFilter Free can only monitor itself, this is a deployment issue, please check "How to deploy WFilter?" for more details.

Configure WFilter Free

Monitoring Device Settings

If no device presents in the "online users", there are two possibilities:

  1. You haven't have any network activity yet. Please visit some websites and refresh the "Online Users" to check.
  2. The monitoring adapter is configured incorrectly. As in the below figure, please run "system settings"->"check settings" to check current settings and follow the guide to fix the errors.
    Figure 3.1.jpg

How to deploy WFilter?


You only need to install WFilter Free in ONE computer to monitor the whole network. However, the WFilter Free computer must be deployed at a single location in the network where it can monitor all internet traffic.
There are two different kinds of deployment solutions:

  1. Pass-by mode: set up a mirroring port in your switch/router, and connect WFilter Free computer to the mirroring port to do monitoring/filtering.
  2. Pass-through mode: deploy WFilter Free in a windows gateway, bridge, or proxy server.

For more details, please check: WFilter Deployment Examples.

The detailed deployment depends on different network topology. Here we take a typical small network environment as an example.

A Typical Network

As in the below figure, local computers use a wired router to connect to the Internet. In this type of network, it requires a port mirroring switch to be installed between the router and the switch. And the machine with WFilter installed on shall be connected to the monitor port of the port mirroring switch.
Figure 4.1.jpg
For better understanding of WFilter deployment, please check: WFilter Deployment Examples.

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